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There's a error in lines 78 and 214 of where pygame.time.delay() should have a integer input, but this is fixed by changing 1000/100 to int(1000/100) or simply 10 in the source code. With that the game seems to run fine, maybe a little too fast.

thanks! this game was developed long time ago, no surprise updates on python and pygame would affect it... :D


published a new version of it - no errors appeared on the previous version here (Ubuntu 20.04 amd64 (GNU/Linux), Python 2.7.18rc1, Pygame 1.9.6 ) - perhaps the error appeared there because you're using Python 3.x, or other operating system?

Maybe, I think I have the same pygame version but I have Python 3.7 on Windows 10. I just commented because someone could be curious to play and not understand python enough to even know what the error was, and this error also happens on the "Plumas e Sardinhas" game. Thanks anyway.

thanks! i'll try to fix "Plumas e Sardinhas" asap! ;)