A downloadable game

(play online)

A game submitted to Karoshi's MSXDev contest in 2014 - http://karoshi.auic.es/index.php/topic,2523.0.htm... - available in rom files for MSX, ColecoVision, SG1000 and Master System - an emulator is needed for running them.

(source files are available as well)

Made on Boriel's ZX-Basic Compiler

Install instructions

just have installed any MSX, ColecoVision, SG1000 or Master System emulator (just like MESS emulator or others), and run the compatible rom file from there


cmjn_20140622123052.zip 98 kB


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Are there any plans for a physical release?

the development is still very in the beginning, it still has no events management, no bgm, etc...